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LIFE is Tough,
But so are You!

Amber JewelL, LMSW
Carrier of Hope


My extreme childhood abuse, foster care, and long-term trauma taught me much more than just tough lessons.  It taught me that there are glimpses of hope and influences in our lives that we can grasp onto in the path of creating a better future. 

I've learned that healing IS possible and that everyone deserves the tools to heal from their own hardships!


Now, I have a mission to not let my story or anyone else's end in darkness but rather find hope through the challenges we have faced and discover value in our lives, work, and missions!

                                                    I believe in finding hope!

Professionally, my experience is in child protective/foster care services, education and mental health services. As an educator and an advocate for promoting change for and value within people, I work to inspire and motivate others to grasp their own form of hope.


  • LMSW.

  • TBRI Practitioner (Trust Based Relational Interventionist).

  • Accelerated Resolution Therapist (ART therapy).

  • Foster/Adoptive Parent.

  • Foster Child Alumni.

  • National Author.

  • Owner Finding Hope, LLC.

  • Christian Lay Speaker.

  • School Social Worker.

Alisha Mayberry, LMSW

“...a must read for anyone who is searching for ways to gain more knowledge in order to better themselves.”

Amber wrote this Nationally Published book to help Anyone Find Hope

Amber's mission is to get this book in the hands of all foster parents across America.
Every 10th book is donated to a foster care agency.

Professional speaker photo.jpeg

Amber's mission is to inspire, motivate, & ultimately,

change lives through hope...​

in any way needed!


Hope comes in many ways.  One of those is through faith. 

One of Amber's passions is reviving hope in Christian Organizations and Churches

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