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Community should be spelt with a “k”

We, independetcy people (yes-my word 🙂 ) are really reliant on one another. Gasp! I said those two works openly and in the same sentence: people—reliant!

Yes, we hold the statue of a stubborn, prideful, talented, and flamboyant society. Yes, we are strong-willed, politically conflicting, personally combative, professionally competitive people. Yes, we are go-getters and strong-fighters. But, under all our armors of autonomy we remain as connected as macaroni and cheese…hamburger and fries….rock and roll….chili and cinnamon rolls?! (okay, only some smart mixing-food Kansans yell YES! at the last one).

This is most evitable in times of need, crisis, and catastrophic settings. When the Federal Emergency Declaration was made recently across Kansas and surrounding states due to flooding, it was not separation and isolation that I saw. Rather, I saw people-helping-people:

Even when compensation was not provided.

Even when time and priority change was demanded.

Even when energy and tiredness was expected.

Even when compassion was required.

True community entails kindness.

Kindness is when one cares and shows that they do. It entails strength and leadership, compassion and humility. Kindness fuels a revival of people, hope and joy. And, that has been evident recently. I saw groups of people stacking sandbags (outside of those who donated sand and bags), clusters of ones who helped clean out basements, store items, and provide housing for those in need, and abundant donations of financial support, humor, and moving prayers.

This is not the first time I’ve seen a community change its spelling.

The “Kommunity” we all desire shines in many large and small realms we cross regularly—from natural disasters to daily living; we just have to look deeper.

Parents and caregivers: seek your kommunity.

Teens and youth: find your kommunity.

Leaders and learners: guide your kommunity.

Those with mental illness: engulf in your kommunity.

Those who’ve had trauma: surround yourself with your kommunity.

Those with compassion: create your kommunity.

Those with faith: believe in your kommunity.

If you can’t find a kommunity you feel a part of, create it:

They…you…we… are powerfully amazing!

*Special thanks to everyone who helps, time and time again, diligent and humble: first responders, churches, family, armed forces, social welfare, mental health, advocacy, etc*

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