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I can do it tomorrow…

I can do it tomorrow, of course! I say that everyday. I tell my husband that, my children, myself, and yes, my subconscious (or conscious :-)) need-to-clean instinct. I say the same to others too; you can do that tomorrow. And it’s so, very true! At times, even so very needed to remind us that we don’t have to accomplish everything today and now.

On the other hand, sometimes I shouldn’t wait for “tomorrow,” because then, I’ll say it again…and again…and again…. It’s not intentional. I have no conspiracy plan to avoid a project or a plan day-after-day. Often I even have genuine intent to complete it. Ugh, but that what if, uncertainty binds my mind and action. It’s a silent battle of insecurity that wins all too often.

But not today. Yep, I can make my official first blog (that I’ve been pondering for weeks) on the new website (that I’ve dreamt of for years) for the purpose of my heart (that I’ve prayed about forever) tomorrow.

Yet…here I am, facing that fear, doing it today! I guess there really is a powerful difference between I can…and I will. Today, I will!

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