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I never really cared if the Chiefs won

But I did learn that the Chief’s cared—

about more than just the game!

I know, I should have been more of the cliché, Kansan fan for the Chief’s being in the Superbowl. But before this accomplishment, I never really watched a whole lot of NFL teams. I did grow up with a Dallas Cowboy vision and ‘don’t pull at the face mask’ knowledge, but that was about it. I still sit across the chair asking my husband why the guy in the black and white suit just blew their whistle.

I will say, however, that I was excited for the Superbowl. Yes, part of it was the food that could be traditionally savored. And, a part was for the social enjoyments that were marketed and celebrated in preparation.

But, the majority of my excitement came from repeated humility and gratitude that the Chief’s team shared. I am not going to say that I know the chief’s players as my BFFs (but I am open to this idea if any of they are). Nonetheless, I have watched them time and time again take opportunities of boastfulness or arrogance and vouched for humility instead.

For instance, when the coach of the team said he wanted them to speak through their play more than their words

When I heard that all parts of the chief team were valuable and appreciated as shown by going to the Superbowl together in Florida—by all we mean janitor, crew, recording, participants, etc.

When I the Chief’s CEO, Clark Hunt, gives glory to God for their success to make it to the Big Game.

When their own coach, Andy Reid is humble and quiet but says, “The unique thing about this group is that they don’t complain about anything.”

When their quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, says, “We never lose faith” is their tool to win. (and donates to Make a Wish Foundation as MVP).

When the first people the team members acknowledges for success are their families and fans.

When at the SUPERBOWL (and the first half against Texas –passionate-teams fans get this L ) they never lose their hope and stamina to just keep going….

And I am sure there any many, many more things they have done quietly.

So, I never really cared if the Chiefs won, but, along with my heart, I am sure glad they DID!

Thank you for role modeling more than just winning the game, Kansas City Chiefs!


A never-before-a-fan—FAN!

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