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May I remind you…It’s Okay!

Whatever it is that you are feeling, thinking, fearing, hating, or loving I want to offer you a reassurance in the fight towards resilience by saying–it is okay! We all need to hear this.

May we all read it, speak it, share it, believe it. Together we will make it through.

Know that:

  1. When you say you are okay in this chaos—it’s okay!

  2. When you suddenly feel like you are not—it’s okay!

  3. When you sit in question and feel dumbfounded—it’s okay!

  4. When you are scared of the what if’s—it’s okay!

  5. When you are scowling at the news and social networks—it’s okay!

  6. When your turn your technology off with question of what to do now—it’s okay!

  7. When your heart starts to feel heavy—it’s okay!

  8. When you tear up as you see your child stuck in questions of it all—it’s okay!

  9. When you wonder when your spouse will return to or from work-healthy—it’s okay!

  10. When you love your job but hate the sudden chaos it entails—it’s okay!

  11. When you miss “your people” but love some solitude–it’s okay!

  12. When your heart hurts for not seeing grandma but love her enough to not–it’s okay!

  13. When you don’t share your toilet paper because you have more people at home than you had planned for—it’s okay!

  14. When you share your storage of toilet paper because it’s only you two—it’s okay!

  15. When your child asks who will get “the virus” and you comfort in quiet without an answer—it’s okay!

  16. When you are mixed with emotions about your school being closed—it’s okay!

  17. When you celebrate with your child that school is out—it’s okay! When you feel alone without the community services and church—it’s okay!

  18. When you are avoiding every aspect of the crisis for your own self-love—it’s okay!

  19. When you milk the introverted joy of the time—it’s okay!

  20. When you remember but question if there is always an end-to-a-beginning—it’s okay!

  21. When you search to find new freedom within your family system—it’s okay!

  22. When you fight fear through your faith—it’s okay!

For one, brief moment, take a breath in and a breath out saying the words we all need to hear time and time again: “It’s okay!”

*John 12:27 “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.”

Amber Jewell is K-12 social worker that loves to encourage and inspire people to push through tough times. She is a believer of great things, greater opportunities, and the greatest in people.

Facebook@ amberjewellhope

Instagram and Twitter@ajewellspeaks

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