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Mother's Day is a heavy day.

Mother’s Day is complicated.

I am a mother: bio, foster, adoptive. I have an amazing mother…by legal paper. I was birthed by a mother that started with good intentions. I lived in the foster care system with many temporary mothers.

I have so much to be thankful for, and I genuinely am!

But Mother’s Day is a heavy load.

As I skim through social media, check ins, and friend-hellos, I see so many beautiful photos of mama’s and mentors. Yet, as often as I see those, I also see many expressions of heavy emotions.

· I grieve for longing women who wished to be called one.

· I emphasize with yearning hearts that desire the cliché one.

· I breath for angry faces of lives that deserved one.

· I see exhausted tones from those who try (or tried) to be one.

· I feel grieving tears from those who’ve lost one.

· I relate to the mixed emotions of guilt from those who are one.

· I hear tired tones from those who care for one.

I see the self-inflected pressures of accepting a “holiday” day that raises emotions that carry no words.

This year, don’t carry the weight of Mother’s Day alone!

· Go with a friend on a beautiful outside, adventure.

· Write a letter to someone you care about (or yourself).

· Reserve a “mother’s day special” for yourself.

· Turn off your social media.

· Spend time with special people, animals, friends in your life.

· Watch a comedy or read a book.

· Explore a new place in person or virtual.

· Set 2 new short-term and 2 long-term goals for yourself.

· Be confident in saying “no” or “yes” to what you want to do.

Remember that though “mother” is a noun the love they show is an action.

Share love.

Act in love.

Love one another.

Love through mother’s day.

“A woman who honors the Lord deserves to be praised…” Proverbs 31:30-31

Author-Advocate-Speaker-Believer in Better

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