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Okay, maybe it’s a little lame. Cheesy….maybe even egg–y? (I’m sure that’s a word somewhere—especially in the Easter season, right?) Nonetheless, I know “Sunny-side-up” perspective suites my style.

Because I don’t think we should live in a socially-stifled world, living under a hiding-umbrella, fueled by fictitious statements and images.

In truth, some days, life is just rough!

Then, some days life is amazing.

Sometimes people, maybe even all of them, are almost too tough to handle,

while other people can seem joyously contagious.

Some jobs can feel powerful and moving,

while other times work is so daunting and draining we question why we do it.

At times, the day feels like it’s crawling.

And yet at other times, we question, why does time go so fast?

This can be true when we are with children. Trust us when we say, we love them.

But, at times, anyone above 18 years of age would be our prime survival tool!

Life is not easy, but then again, what well paved-path is ever easily made? Life can be such a journey: with curves and dips and dead-end roads that we surely thought we should have seen when we started.

But, I guess that’s part of the joy in life. We can (eventually) look back at the path and see the nutrient-bearing yolks of our paths that got us, amazingly, to now. And, we may not be fully cooked into our full potential of life, but thank God, we can live life sunny-side-up.

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