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“That will be MY KID one day…” (A support letter for parents)

Walking down that jam-packed aisle in a waving, senior gown with a dancing-tassel and blue, tilted graduation cap awkwardly angled at the side, wearing probably mismatched socks and semi-formal, semi-cool attire, I will see my son. In ten short years, he will be the one sharing his charismatic grin; excitement will glow in his face (as it does from the faces of the many loved ones I see from the podium), and his heart will be dancing to the song of anticipation for whatever the future may hold for him. Most will be watching him, cheering for him, engulfing in his joy.

I will the hot-mess, proud mama, grinning ear-to-ear, with tears of joy swimming down my face.

We did it!

As parents and caregivers we see more than just a person at the graduations (whatever level of graduation it may be). We see our life investments, our time, our love at work. With the daily hats of a rock-star mother, a love-you-always spouse, a hope-to-be-best-version-of-bff friend, a be-the-best relative, an I’ve-got-this professional, a God-fearing-church doer, a house-maker badass and so much more…sometimes we lose sight of time and the great, deep value it holds—particularly in our children.

So, for today, even if just for today, I will focus my lens a little more on what I can do with here and now that will be gone tomorrow.

I will find joy

Seek love

Share excitement

Share dreams

Share time

To all the phenomenal moms, dads, caregivers, loved ones I will see today at graduations:

You’re teaching me the truth of time.

And, as in a wedding, I will proudly watch those young adults waive their signs of success and honor as they proudly pace across the gym—but, my favorite view, from my seat looking out, will be of those tearful, invested, passionate, gave-all-I-could-give, unconditionally-lovingly-exhausted caregivers and family!!

Because that will by MY turn someday—

and you just taught me time!


*As a social worker, mother, foster parent, spouse, believer, and person who loves to encourage I hope this adds to the joy of many. I congratulate all graduates at all levels and careers! That is quite an accomplishment. To the caregivers and loved ones, congratulations to you as well—you did it! -Amber M. Jewell

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