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Toilet-Paper-Talks Taught Me This…

This year, 2020, is my first full-vision of quite a few things:

My first time to experience a medical pandemic;

The first time I ever hear of sporting events being canceled;

A new view of interacting with elders and the caution that is needed;

The first time I have seen cruises stop and flights cease;

A new view of home-schooling at a national level;

The first time things have seemed so crappy that even stores have ran out of toilet paper!

But as a social worker who loves people and the work of positive, society influences, I feel the talks about toilet paper have actually taught me a lot. It is the toilet-paper-talks that have softened my heart in this hardship.

Toilet-paper-talks involve the yucky, stinky, smelly stuff. But, as shown on the sweet-Charmin-bear commercials, the toilet-paper-talks I have encountered have really helped clean up my attitude in this smelly situation.

It is the toilet-paper-talks that helped me realize how I need to share my own stories of the toilet-paper exchanges I have experienced. It is the toilet-paper-talks that reminded me how people have impacted me by sharing their toilet paper when I was a child and needed it the most. Recent toilet-paper-talks are also the ones that have reminded me of my obligation to share my toilet paper now.

How so? Let me explain.

I’ve experienced hardships. I’ve also experienced great things.

I have come from a childhood filled with foster care and crisis. It was a world where crap was abundant. It was a time where people of a great God shared their toilet paper with me. I used them to wipe tears, explore opportunities, and build connections. I then paced into an adulthood of healing and freedom. This too is a world were crap is abundant yet joyful because I have acquired skills from the shared toilet paper to use. And when I need more, I have connected with people who will share their toilet paper with me.

In a world of crisis and the edge of anxiety today, I feel it is the prime time to share the toilet paper I was equipped with. Maybe you can wrap your hands around the brand of toilet paper you have and share yours too.

Here’s how.

Look at what is needed by those around you. Believe in your ability to provide something. Figure out your toilet-paper brand (strength) to share. Share it.

When we are all doing our part in this, here are some things we will come to see.

-Sharing of joy and for a gift of laughter

-Sharing of physical, emotional, medical, etc services to others in need

-Sharing of financial options to cover or wave a cost of another

-Sharing of talent through music or songs on a social source

-Sharing of hope through stories of healing even when hardships seem embedded

-Sharing of courage through stories of success when fear is looming

-Sharing of food with hungry stomachs

-Sharing of faith when hungry hearts

-Sharing of how others can hand-wash their mentality

-Sharing of knowledge of health and healing when humankind is weary

-Sharing of power through choices when kids are of the edge of crisis

-Sharing of wisdom through actions that are kind

-Sharing of time with children and family

-Sharing of memories that last forever

-Sharing of little moments that matter

Share YOUR toilet-paper-talks and gifts to help wipe up as many spots of worry clean in time of chaos.

Amber Jewell is social worker and speaker that loves to encourage and inspire people to push through tough times. She is a believer of great things, greater opportunities, and the greatest in people.

Facebook: @amberjewellhope

Instagram and Twitter@Ajewellspeaks

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