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When I swallow my pride a bit, I admit I need him too.

Gulp first for this one women!!! 

This is a tough cookie to cut all the other days of the year… but for Father’s Day, this kept pulling at my heart:

                     “Why am I so grateful for him really?  Because I do need him.” 

As bad, (and maybe more but let’s be hush-hush for now on that 🙂 ) as he needs me.  We are a team. 

Yes, he needs me to fill his empty spots,

To be the nurturer

To keep him on his mood-awareness toes (okay, maybe he doesn’t really need this but…going on…)

To encourage his work

To value his effort

To provide the feely words

  but I think I need him (we need them) just as much. 

The men in our lives and history are some of the most impactful people. They are strong, powerful, and influential. The good, the bad, the ugly—we remember the impact (positive and negative) males have had and continue to have in our lives. All the way from presidents of the US, to Bill Gates, to Michael Jordan, to Adolf Hitler, to Elvis Presley, to Martin Luther King, to the lovers, to the abusers, to the winners, to the losers, to the fathers (of all kinds), to the sons, and to our great God and father—they make an impression.

So here is a lifted drink (flavors choice is yours today, guys) to all those amazing men that we have, have had and will have:

Thank you for your hard, hard work to get the jobs done.

Thank you for your sweet, sweet, sweat in hours of physical labor.

Thank you for your endurance to follow through.

Thank you for your tolerance of emotions (whether you get me or not!)

Thank you for your protection.

Thank you for pushing through adversity, even if you hate it.

Thank you for providing for what we may need (or just don’t prefer to be the provider of).

Thank you for the respect you show us and others.

Thank you for the tough, gruff stuff we are not strong in (or just grossed out by).

Thank you for the justice and peace you work for.

Thank you for inviting us to spend valued time with you (even if it is watching youtube, car videos).

Thank you for being an open-eared, even-grounded, and strong faith warrior.Thank you for being you and so much more.

Here’s a toast to all those deserving of Father’s Day recognition and the other 364!

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