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I am so excited that you visited here! 

Pun intended, I HOPE you FIND valuable thoughts and ideas for the valuable person you are!


Here's why:

I experienced extreme neglect, abuse, and long-term trauma as a child that crept well into sectors of my adult life. I grew up in and out of foster care from a home that was substantiated on for emotional and psychological abuse, among other 11 other case investigation findings.  Beyond that, as those who have touched it know, foster care is always a life-changing experience!  Too long in my life I held onto the misconception that life was meant to be easy, and it limited my healing.  

But now, from my professional and personal experience, I've learned that my desire to earn an easy life is a lie I lived in too long. The real truth is that inevitably life is tough, but so am I.  The same is true for you.


Now, I have a mission to not let my story or anyone else's end in darkness but rather find hope through the challenges we have faced.


I believe in finding hope!

Everyone Has a Story

Here's Mine

  • I am a successful survivor of childhood abuse and neglect.

  • I am a walking testimony of healing and hope.

  • I am one of an estimated 12 million former foster kids in the US.

  • I am one of the tens of thousands of foster and adoptive parents.

  • I am a licensed master social worker with over 15 years of experience working with youth and families.

  • I am Christan woman of faith in a great GOD.

  • I aim to give voice to the broken, traumatized, hurt.

  • I see value and dignity in all people.

  • I am the believer of better. 

  • I am a survivor of head injury trauma.


Professionally, my experience is in child protective/foster care services, education and mental health services. As an educator and an advocate for promoting change for and value within people, I work to inspire and motivate others to grasp their own form of hope.

 I have a passion to speak life and hope into lives of those hurting. 


 Thus, I love being a motivational speaker and trainer. 

 I am expert in topics relating to trauma, self-care, mental health, & relational communication.

I provide therapeutic services through my private practice clinic.

 I am author of the nationally published book: 

 Finding Hope:The 12 Keys to Healing Hardship, Hurt, and Sorrow.

 I work as a school based social worker.  I am also a Trust Based Relational Intervention Practitioner and a certified Accelerated Resolution Therapist.


​​I have been married to my high school sweetheart, Mike for over 15 years.  We have two amazing kids and are active foster/adoptive parents. We reside in the great, central state of Kansas with a love of Christ, family, pets, and beautiful sunsets.


motivational speaker

I work to provide exciting, engaging and educational resource for presentation and speaking endeavors.  I have abundant experience as a main speaker, breakout, and follow up trainer and use ongoing knowledge and tools to meet the needs of the audience.  

In realms of child welfare, self-care, mental health, trauma parenting, suicidality, spirituality, retention and more, I hope to be a prime contact for presentations that leave an impact and bring hope!

Audiences include:
Educators, Students, Child Welfare Workers, Mental Health Providers, Churches, Foster Parents, Law Enforcement, Etc


I have been providing therapeutic services for years.  My goal is always to embraces warmth and engagement with the foundational focus on self-worth and value.  I always focus on giving dignity to the clients I serve.

My prime areas of focus are trauma, communication, parent-child/parenting, anxiety, grief, and depression.  I love working within these topics, and any closely related areas, that intertwine the need of healthy relationships.


I am a strong believer of healing from the inside-out and see the relationships and experiences of a person as a core element. 

I am a nationally Trust Based Relational Intervention Practitioner, certified in Accelerate Resolution Therapy and have private clinic: "Finding Hope."


I am certified in many specific trainings and relational areas that are needed at clinics, education sectors, human service providers, and faith-based affiliations.  I am also a nationally published author through Hatherleigh Press of the self-help book "Finding Hope: The 12 Keys to Healing Hardship, Hurt, and Sorrow."

I also love to speak in and work with Christian churches and groups, youth events, adult events and trainings, educational sectors, and so much more.  As foster parent, social worker, and educator my love is finding ways to identify strength-based growth by giving voice to needs of groups and people.

My mission is to bring hope to all within my influence through insight, inspiration, and impact.


Hope and Healing

Amber Jewell is a survivor of horrific child abuse.

She talks about it to help others find hope and

heal from hardship. Here’s her story

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Dowload here the 10 afirmatios to find hope

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