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I know, I never formally, started, willingly under you, yet you seemed to have been consuming my time anyway.   I want to declare, with nothing less than a clear and conscious declaration that

               I quit!

I quit being submissive to your lingering existence in my running mind of anxiety.  I have let you in too many times!

I quit watching your painful reminders and spending more time with them than with the joys of the world.  You have too quickly been consuming the colors in my life.

Covid, I quit living in fear of the power you try to dangle over me.  I will keep my own distance from it and from you.

                I will grant my own grace.

                 Protect my own safety,


              Self-assist with the safety of others.

I no longer accept your controlling style to critique my every effort to stay safe. 

I know I am conscious of my own strength to do so!

More than that, I quit the isolation I’ve allowed you to pull me into.  Oh, your power has been strong there! 

But I know, one-by-one, I can rebuild my connections in new, enlightened ways of which you have no power to control.  So, every text message I make, Zoom I share, safe interaction I schedule, you, and the worry you bring, are no longer invited!

I’ll still see your presence in the distance, I know you will still be there, but, COVID, you are no longer allowed in the group of MY people.

You know that will lead to? 

It leads to me playing a part in no longer allowing you to segregate the hearts of my human family. 

          No longer will I allow you to influence the human                   connection and love of people that I and we were all                                                 created to have.

See, unlike you— dominance, isolation, fear, power, anger, and control….I desire nothing less and nothing more than value and love of people.  For that alone for will provide the rest.

Yes Covid, I may not be able to defeat your soul existence. 

I may not have the power to exclude all aspects of you from my surrounding. 

And I may not be able to determine the influence you hold, unrightfully, on others.

                                      But, I DO QUIT for me.

And though the transition from your finger-tips may be sharp and the “how tos” of it may be grey, I know I will be more well-rounded and newly refreshed in joy despite tough times around me without granting you the lead. 

I am done yielding to your lingering tension because I am deserving of joy and equipped to make my perspective better!

Therefore, consider this my notice.

 I will…

See you less,

   Focus on you less,

    Fear you less,

        Fuel you less, &

                Be fueled by you no more.

Effective immediately.   I Quit.  


A better version of myself

*Share with those in need of joy, hope, and strength in tough times.


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