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Relationships are the best holiday gifts!

Holidays can be wonderful and fun!  They also can be exhausting and stressful.  Though this is true across all social classes and communities, it is particularly true to families that are already at risk via employment, housing and/or income.  Alongside that, holidays can be times of mourning, empty chairs, and family conflict.   The following are just a few tips/ideas that can help others you care about during the holidays:

  1. Respect that not all kids/adults enjoy (or celebrate) holiday breaks

  2. Engage in conversation about positive memories/ideas as much as (or more than) negative ones

  3. Create ideas for free things to do over holiday breaks

  4. Offer and provide a listening ear

  5. Don’t agree or disagree to a struggling situation, rather acknowledge the struggle

  6. Express interest in seeing students/families in January

  7. Discuss and plan (if able) ways to role model helping others, volunteering or obtaining holiday support

  8. Normalize not always being “excited” during the holidays and accept all feelings as okay

  9. Connect kids/adults with professionals, friends, community members that can help

  10. Promote and assist in community holiday meals (and normalize attending)

  11. Give ideas of gifts that do not require money

  12. Provide bundles of canned and boxed food, gloves, hats, cards, etc to anyone interested

  13. Invite others to join in your celebrations

  14. Be the joyful light for those that may not have others

We cannot fix problems or change things out of our control; however, with removing biases, opening hearts, and sharing love—we can make our little differences matter!

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